My Work

I’m Rob, a content marketer and marketing automating specialist. I write and architect content libraries that turn visitors into customers, and customers into buyers.

I create content of all shapes and sizes: landing pages, microcopy, blog posts, case studies, newsletters, lead nurturing campaigns, even webinar scripts. Then I surface that content at critical moments in the customer lifecycle.

My experience

Most recently, I owned email as a channel at an established, bootstrapped B2B SaaS startup in the Bay Area. I oversaw and executed the transition from quarterly to monthly newsletter cadence for a list of 1.9 million. I spearheaded our marketing automation efforts, building segmented onboarding, conversion, reengagement and revival email campaigns with an average open rate of 34.52% and an average CTR of 9.73% across 114 automated emails. I tested extensively, and regularly reported on progress.

I also coordinated with engineering to oversee integration of the marketing automation platform with the company backend. I created targeted lead capture initiatives, connecting topical blog content to relevant lead nurturing and lifecycle campaigns as part of a larger lead gen push. I developed a lead scoring initiative in collaboration with Sales to strengthen the MQL-to-SQL pipeline. I helped swell our pool of beta testers to 30k strong, creating brand ambassadors and generating crucial feedback for the Product team. I helped grow our webinar efforts through email to increase monthly attendance by 7x.

Connect with me:
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